We match your business goals with the right platform, to launch your MVPs, right & fast.
Our LeaniVation Toolset is built to help you achieve your Minimal Viable Business (MVB)
With a native cloud platform allowing us to deliver side-by-side Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)
It integrates the business model, business data, MVP, MVP data, processes and the user experience for a completely validated Lean Business Model
No limits.
Product launches
Mobile apps
What You Get:
We iterate quickly across multiple business models using our Native Cloud based Multi-Tenant Platform that validates your Business Model in concert with your MVPs
We help you coalesce the optimal business model, optimal MVPs simulataneously on a single platform.  We show you how to save money, monitize and digitize your business model and products in an easy to realize methodology. 
BMI - Business Model Innovation & Realtime Business Model Design
Using the iKuity Platform you are able to capture realtime MVP statistics tied directly to the Business model.
Test Your Digital Models
Simultaneously model the business and the products feeding it.  Our platform allows for the business model to work with the MVPs, and even existing products and systems.
MVPs A-B to Z Testing
When thoroughly vetting and validating your business model and your products, we are able to deliver, through our rapid development process, multiple MVPs.  Giving you the flexibility to A-B-Z test, Brand Test, Message test, and feature function test.
Minimum Viable Business
 Lean Business Model Innovation
Our systems help you drive a consitent Minimum Viable Business Model.  From Start-up to big-company innovations.  Our system approach  can guide you to the correct formula.
Lean Business Models require an understanding of your current Business Model state.  What position are you starting from before you can apply any Lean principles to your business development.
Native Multitenant Cloud
Minimum Viable Platform
Lean Digital Business Platform
Our Platform allows you to model your business and MVP Candidates together in one synchronized consolidated environement.
To quickly and fully validate your business model, and your product/services model the iKuity Platform provides both business model innovation planning, tracking and validations.  But does this with fully integrated MVP Candidates.
Minimum Viable Products
 Lean Products/Services Apps
Speed, agility, and rapid change are all part of our approach to  having your MVP's out and running to validation.  Helping you determine that you have the right combination of business model and products will save you millions on false-positives and lost time.
Minmum Viable Products are fully integrated into the platform for validations on use, features, functions, etc.  You can run a  family of MVPs all with instant information on use.
Clients Using our Platforms